Guidelines for Deer Hunters to Protect Against Lyme Disease

BADA, who exhibited alongside Countryside Alliance Ireland at Birr have produced some basic guidelines for deer hunters, to help protect against Lyme Disease and other related diseases.  They are as follows:

While shooting – consider wearing permethrin-impregnated clothing or treat your own clothing with permethrin-fabric spray (available from the BADA-UK online shop).  Use a repellent that contains DEET or Citriodiol on your skin (always follow directions on the label).

Transport – it’s best to carry the carcass outside the vehicle or, where appropriate, use a body bag or fine cloth to contain any ticks from spreading around the vehicle.

After transport – you could hang a Vapona insect killer in the vehicle over night or spray the vehicle with a pyrethrum spray and leave it shut up over night.  Air the vehicle well before travelling in it again.  Hoovering the vehicle will also help to collect any stray ticks.

At the storage facility – in the ‘cool room’ you could consider placing a large sheet under the carcass to collect any ticks that fall off.  The sheet could be impregnated with a pyrethrum insecticide, or just use a clean cloth that can be removed.

Clothing – it is advisable to hang hunting clothes outside or in a shed where it can be de-ticked with an insecticide.  Where manufacturer’s instructions allow, the clothing can be placed in a hot dryer to kill any ticks (ticks have been shown in scientific evidence to survive a full cycle in the washing machine).

Check yourself – check all over for ticks, paying special attention to the hairline and scalp, bellybutton, groin, armpits and the back of the knees.  If you find one, use only a plastic tick twister or fine nosed tweezers to remove a tick.  All other methods increase the risk of back flow of germ filled fluids from the tick and therefore your risk of contracting a disease.

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