NI Snares Order approved by DAERA Committee

Countryside Alliance Ireland and BASC has welcomed the NI Assembly’s DAERA Committees decision to approve the draft Snares Order (Northern Ireland)

The new Code of Practice that will be included with the Snares Order were drafted by the Northern Ireland Snaring Working Group. The group included departmental officials and representatives from the main countryside organisations such as BASC, Countryside Alliance Ireland and the Ulster Farmers’ Union.

The aim of the working group was to ensure that the code of practice was fit for purpose and ensured that workable solutions were included that would significantly increase animal welfare standards.

Speaking after the committees decision, Lyall Plant Chief Executive of Countryside Alliance Ireland said: “Snaring is an emotive issue. However, they are a necessary tool within the toolbox for effective countryside management and allows land owners and managers to help stop predation of ground nesting birds such as curlew and lapwing”.

It is anticipated that the Snares Order will be brought before the NI Assembly in the New Year.

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