Update of Avian Influenza Restrictions

Trade restrictions introduced on 12th January 2016, following the outbreak of Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza (LPAI) in Fife, Scotland are being lifted with immediate effect from today, Thursday 11th February 2016.

The letter issued on 12th January 2016 detailed the restrictions put in place due to the outbreak of LPAI in Great Britain. 

As a result of the restrictions being lifted the following General Licences have been reinstated:


DARD/GEN/16/01 – Poultry and hatching eggs from Great Britain


DARD/GEN/16/02 – Racing pigeons from Great Britain


DARD/GEN/16/03 – Ornamental fowl and Captive birds (other than poultry covered by EC Directive 2009/158/EEC) from Great Britain


As a result, importers of all live poultry, ornamental fowl, captive birds and racing pigeons from Great Britain no longer need to apply to DARD to obtain a specific import licence before they can import any of these consignments into Northern Ireland from Great Britain.


Producers should note that the situation in respect of the export of poultry and poultry meat to Third Countries remains fluid.  A number of Third Countries have placed export health certificates on hold or are requiring area or premises freedom clearance before imports can be accepted.  In such cases prospective exporters should contact Trade Section before exporting.


Whilst the restrictions on movement of poultry are being relaxed, maintenance of good bio-security measures by all poultry keepers is critically important at this time with the recent occurrences of avian influenza in GB, the Netherlands and Germany.  Guidance is available on the Department’s website at Poultry Bio-security Guidance.


For more information please visit the DARD website or click this link – https://www.dardni.gov.uk/articles/avian-influenza-ai


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