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Insurance Protection for Countryside Alliance Ireland Members

Whilst almost all Countryside Alliance Ireland (CAI) members will join the organisation because of a love of the countryside and an appreciation for the work that the CAI does to defend and promote country sports and rural life, some may also sign up to take advantage of the range of benefits that are offered as part of the membership.

One such benefit is the automatic inclusion to CAI’s insurance programme organised by The Howden Group. The package provides Personal Accident cover and Employers’, Public and Products Liability cover for eligible members to participate in a wide range of specific country pursuits (otherwise referred to as Recognised Activities) including a variety of riding and shooting events.


A full list of Recognised Activities can be found in the “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ’s) in the Insurance section of the CAI website and this document will also give you a better understanding of how these pursuits are defined in insurance terms.

Howden UK Group Limited understands the importance of providing the appropriate cover for CAI members and that is why we continuously review the policies being offered and the insurer partners providing them, to ensure that members can enjoy peace of mind whilst enjoying their chosen country pursuits.

A full review of cover and provider was undertaken and we were impressed with the level of understanding insurers had about the needs of CAI members. A decision was made to appoint Aviva for Personal Accident and Aspen for Liabilities as our insurance partners.

NI Factsheet Northern Ireland Factsheet  CAI NI Fact Sheet 2018 

RoI Factsheet Republic of Ireland Factsheet    CAI NI Fact Sheet 2018 

For further details of the policies offered please see the summary of cover documents, policy wordings and FAQ’s available on this website by clicking here