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Response to Consultation on Trained Person Declaration for Wild Game Being Submitted to AGHE

Under the European Hygiene Package Regulations it has been a requirement since 1st Jan 2006 that wild game shot with a view to placing it on the market for human consumption is examined by a trained hunter. In advance of this the FSAI, supported by DAFM and the LAVS, consulted with various hunting organisations with a view to developing training courses in accordance with the Hygiene Package Regulations.


2011 saw the approval of the first such course. The FSAI working group responsible for the approval of training courses is composed of representatives from the FSAI, DAFM and the LAVS. It remains available to meet and assist any organisation wishing to develop a training course.  

1st March 2013 saw the introduction of the requirement by the UK authorities that all in-fur wild deer for export to the UK be accompanied to the approved game handling establishment by a trained person  declaration. This is an important market for Irish approved game handling establishments.

Therefore, outside of the legal requirements under the Hygiene package, in order to preserve this trade and prevent the promotion of illegal trade, it is essential that hunters supplying wild game to approved establishments in this jurisdiction are trained in accordance with the requirements of the Hygiene Package Regulations.

On the 15th July 2013 DAFM initiated a public consultation on the proposal that all wild game presented to Approved Game Handling Establishments be accompanied by a trained person declaration as of from 1st November 2013.

The Department, in consultation with the industry and FSAI, estimates that this requirement affects about 400 suppliers to Approved Game Handling Establishments. Following consideration of the various submissions received, and taking into account the concerns raised with regard to time-frames,  the following has been decided:

The Department has revised the deadline for implementation of the requirement for a trained person declaration. Therefore, from 1st January 2014 it will be a mandatory requirement for all Approved Game Handling Establishments to only accept wild game accompanied by a trained person declaration.

This Declaration is part of the normal Intake Documentation agreed with the Industry and in use at all approved game handling establishments; As an allowance for irregular suppliers of wild game, hunters supplying less than 5 deer bodies in a season (or equivalent small wild game bodies) will be exempt from the requirement until 1st September 2014.


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