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WDAI Launch on Line Membership Facility

The Wild Deer Association of Ireland have just announced you can now renew membership or join the Wild Deer Association of Ireland online by clicking HERE. This facility allows you to pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal. Membership starts at only €20 per year. You can also opt to join their discounted group insurance policy with Countryside Alliance Ireland, or make a donation


As a member of Ireland’s leading deer organisation you will benefit from a busy schedule of seminars and events on all aspects of deer management. Events are generally free of charge and members receive regular updates on deer related news and legislative changes.

Every day new threats and opportunities arise for our wild deer and the association has been to the fore in working with government and stakeholders to ensure we can continue to have sustainable wild deer herds for future generations. However, they need your support to continue this work so join online now to play your part in protecting Ireland’s wild deer.


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