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EU Firearms Directive 2008/51- Dealer Reminder

All Firearms Dealers should now be in receipt of the dealers implementation letter from PSNI FEB, Be advised that  these new requirements are not instead of electronic registers, they are the law from the 31 December 2014 regardless of whether you have a paper or electronic register.


David Robinson Chairman of the Gun Trade Guild NI and Countryside Alliance Ireland board member said; "arguments about the implementation of the Directive are now consigned to history so we now need to settle down and get on with the job of compliance.

He continued "PSNI FEB have been given the job of sorting this out at very short notice and I can assure you all that they have adopted a very pragmatic approach, and have been working very hard, to make the new process as painless as possible".

As all of this is totally new for Firearm Dealers and PSNI FEB the practices and procedures may evolve slightly as we all start  recording/providing the new information.

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