Book review – The Feather Bender’s Flytying Techniques 

Book review – The Feather Bender’s Flytying Techniques                                      

Looking for a stocking filler this Christmas then look no further than The Feather Bender’s Flytying Techniques. the following review was kindly written by Darren Walker.

First notable point was the Foreword by Marc Petitjean, if you are familiar with his tying, range of tools or standing in the tying community, praise indeed.

The introductory section gets you up and running with an understanding of essential tools and materials. At this point you are introduced to what makes this book a little different – there is a range of step by step fly tying videos online, that cover every pattern in the book, plus other topics. A quick scan of the QR code takes you to Barry’s fly tying loft, for a guided tour (puts my shoe box under the bed to shame). If you don’t ‘get’ QR technology, there is a URL and Youtube channel that brings all of the material together. Videos are well produced and easy to watch. I found myself watching the video to get the general concept and then following step by step instructions in the book. Useful tips are littered throughout the book, again supported by digital content – for example, quite interesting concept of using a neutral dyneema thread and achieving varied colour via felt pens.

There are a varied range of patterns, most interesting use of a new material (for me) was the use of hot glue to form the body of the Flying Mutant. One significant missing fly type was the Perdigon, only as i am achieving significant success with it – which leads to the question if the focus is fishable flies, versus challenging patterns to tie, I’d suggest it’s more on the latter – which is no issue, if that is your focus.

The book is structured by introducing new tying techniques, versus a logical grouping of fly types. An absence of any indication of fishing techniques for each fly again positions this as a tying book, rather than a fishing book.

My summary is a high quality, informative book on tying, with the digital content integration really adding to the experience. Barry’s videos are professionally produced and easy to watch. I’ve revisited the book several times to tie 6 of the 28 patterns and plan to work my way through the book, confident that my abilities as a tyer are improving. My need for more materials to tackle the remaining flies, means I may need to add another shoe box to my collection. 

The book is available from all leading book stores at an RRP of £25 

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