CAI attend ROI forum on the introduction of restrictions on lead shot

CAI along with IFA Countryside and NARGC have met with officials in the Republic of Ireland as they look to implement EU REACH Regulations (EC1907/2006) that come into force in January 2023.

Effectively these rules will mean that lead shot cannot be used within a 100m area around or within a wetland.

CAI lobbied against the EU proposals but we must be clear while this is unpopular for many reasons the European Union have voted on the matter meaning Ireland must bring in restrictions. Unfortunately, officials are late in the day to meet with stakeholders with only 11 months left, we called for an extension however, we have been told this cannot be given.

ROI members are not alone as even though Northern Ireland brought in restrictions in 2009, (due to the protocol) NI must also comply with the additional requirements from the EU namely the 100m buffer zone.

It is now the job of the organisations to work with officials to ensure these restrictions are workable and a practical guide for firearms holders and enforcers is in place, like what exists in the North. CAI also believe the regulations should not go further than what is in NI as they are both bound by the same legislation on the same island.

CAI would call on the shooting community in ROI to start exploring the alternatives to lead shot such as steel or bismuth and check if your firearm can be used with these types of ammunition. As always if you are in doubt contact your Firearms Dealer, the firearms maker, or importer for example Beretta are imported by GMK.

A copy of the regulations in NI can be found here 

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