Challange your MLA NOW

With the election fast approaching and the Alliance Party vowing to reintroduce their anti-rural Hunting Bill, now is the time to act and contact your MLAs to see where they stand if we want rural life and its traditions to continue.

Countryside Alliance Ireland (CAI) has been impressed by you, our members, challenging prospective candidates on country pursuits as they seek your vote.

However, we must go further and contact as many candidates as possible. CAI has put together a template letter (below) for you to use, as well as all available contact details of the candidates, including their social media details, so you can seek their views on hunting, shooting, and the rural way of life.


Dear Candidate,

I  am writing/emailing you as an Assembly candidate in my constituency, however, before I can finalise my vote I must ask for your views on countryside activities such as hunting, shooting and fishing.

All these play a key role in the rural economy and management of the countryside in Northern Ireland.

I would also ask you to give a commitment to get on with the real issues people are facing with the cost of living crisis, hospital waiting times, lack of affordable homes, other issues that can be found in the Countryside Alliance Ireland’s manifesto here and not waste taxpayers money and Assembly time reintroducing some half-baked Private Members Bill.

I look forward to your response

Yours sincerely




Election candidates
TitleFirst NameSurnamePartyConstituencyLandlineEmail AddressWebsiteTwitterFacebook
MrAndyAllenUUPBelfast East028 9046 3900Click hereclick hereClick here
MsJoanneBuntingDUPBelfast East028 9079 7100Click hereyesClick hereClick here
MsNaomiLongAllianceBelfast East028 9047 2004Click hereyesclick hereClick here
MrKarlBennettPUPBelfast Eastclick here
MrDavidBrooksDUPBelfast Eastclick hereclick hereClick here
MsCharlotteCarsonSDLPBelfast Eastclick hereclick hereClick here
MsHannahKennyPBPBelfast EastClick here
MsLaurenKerrUUPBelfast Eastclick hereClick here
MrEoinMacneillWorkers PartyBelfast East
MrPeterReynoldsAllianceBelfast Eastclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MsMaireadO’DonnellSinn FeinBelfast Eastclick hereYesclick hereclick here
MrJohnRossTUVBelfast East
MrBrianSmythGreen PartyBelfast Eastclick hereclick hereclick here
MrPhillipBrettDUPBelfast North028 9083 0066click hereclick hereclick here
MrGerryKellySinn FeinBelfast North028 9521 5649click hereyesclick hereclick here
MsNicholaMallonSDLPBelfast North028 9515 0100click hereyesclick hereclick here
MsCarálNí ChulínSinn FeinBelfast North028 9074 0817click hereyesclick hereclick here
MsJulie-AnneCorr-JohnstonUUPBelfast Northclick hereclick hereclick here
MsFionaFergusonPBPBelfast Northclick hereclick hereclick here
MrBillyHutchinsonPUPBelfast Northclick hereclick hereclick here
MsLilyKerrWorkers PartyBelfast Northclick hereclick here
MrBrianKingstonDUPBelfast Northclick hereclick hereclick here
MrSeánMac NiocaillAontúBelfast Northclick here
MsNualaMcAllisterAllianceBelfast Northclick hereclick hereclick here
MrRonMcdowellTUVBelfast Northclick here
MrMalO’haraGreen PartyBelfast Northclick hereclick hereclick here
MrStaffordWardIndependentBelfast Northclick here
MsClareBaileyGreen PartyBelfast South028 9031 4455click hereyesclick hereclick here
MsPaulaBradshawAllianceBelfast South028 9032 8162click hereyesclick hereclick here
MsDeirdreHargeySinn FeinBelfast Southclick hereclick here
MrMatthewO’TooleSDLPBelfast Southclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MrAndrewGirvinTUVBelfast Southclick hereclick here
MrPaddyLynnWorkers PartyBelfast South
MrLukeMcCannAontúBelfast Southclick hereclicl here
MrStephenMcCarthyUUPBelfast Southclick hereclick hereclick here
MrNeillMooreSocialast PartyBelfast South
MsEllyOdhiamboIndependentBelfast Southclick hereclick here
MsKateNichollAllianceBelfast Southclick hereclick here
MsSiphoSibandaPBPBelfast Southclick hereclick here
MsElsieTrainorSDLPBelfast Southclick hereclick hereclick here
MrEdwinPootsDUPbelfast Southclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MrGerryCarrollPeople Before ProfitBelfast West028 9023 1628click hereclick hereclick here
MsÓrlaithiFlynnSinn FeinBelfast West028 9061 1176click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrPatSheehanSinn FeinBelfast West028 9061 3894click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrDannyBakerSinn FeinBelfast West028 9061 1176click hereclick hereclick here
MrGerardBurnsIndependentBelfast Westclick hereclick here
MrPatrickCrossanWorkers PartyBelfast Westclick here
MrPaulDohertySDLPBelfast Westclick hereclick hereclick here
MrJordanDoranTUVBelfast Westclick hereclick here
MsLinseyGibsonUUPBelfast Westclick hereclick here
MrGerardHerdmanAontúBelfast Westclick hereclick hereclick here
MsDonnamaireHigginsAllianceBelfast Westclick hereclick hereclick here
MrDeclanHillIndependentBelfast Westclick here
MrFrankMcCoubreyDUPBelfast Westclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MrStevieMaginnGreen PartyBelfast Westclick hereclick hereclick here
MrTonyMallonIndependentBelfast Westclick here
MrDanMurphyIrish Republican Socialist PartyBelfast Westclick here
MsAislingReillySinn FeinBelfast West
MrRoyBeggsUUPEast Antrim028 9336 2995click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrStewartDicksonAllianceEast Antrim028 9335 0286click hereclick hereclick here
MrDavidHilditchDUPEast Antrim028 9332 9980click hereyesclick here
MrGordonLyonsDUPEast Antrim028 2826 7722click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrJohnStewartUUPEast Antrim028 2827 2644click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrMarkBaileyGreen PartyEast Antrimclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MrNormanBoydTUVEast Antrimclick here
MrDannyDonnellyAllianceEast Antrimclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MsSiobhánMcAlisterSDLPEast Antrimclick hereclick hereclick here
MrOliverMcMullanSinn FeinEast Antrimclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MsCaoimheArchibaldSinn FeinEast Londonderry028 7774 2488click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrMauriceBradleyDUPEast Londonderry028 7035 6990click hereyesclick hereclick here
MsClaireSugdenIndependentEast Londonderry028 7032 7294click hereclick hereclick here
MrJordanArmstrongTUVEast Londonderryclick hereclick here
MsGemmaBrollyAontúEast Londonderryclick hereyesclick here
MrMarkCoulsonGreen PartyEast Londonderryclick hereclick hereclick here
MsCaraHunterSDLPEast Londonderryclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MrChrisMcCawAllianceEast Londonderryclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MsKathleenMcGurkSinn FeinEast Londonderryclick hereclick hereclick here
MsAmyMerronPBPEast Londonderryclick hereclick hereclick here
MsStephanieQuigleyIndependentEast Londonderryclick hereclick here
MrAlanRobinsonDUPEast Londonderryclick here
MrBillyStewartIndependentEast Londonderry
MrRussellWattonPUPEast Londonderryclick here
MrDarrylWilsonUUPEast Londonderryclick hereclick hereclick here
MsRosemaryBartonUUPFermanagh and South Tyrone028 6632 2028click hereyesclick hereclick here
MsJemmaDolanSinn FeinFermanagh and South Tyrone028 6638 6214click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrColmGildernewSinn FeinFermanagh and South Tyrone028 8772 2776click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrDerekBackhouseIndependentFermanagh and South Tyroneclick here
MrMatthewBeaumontAllianceFermanagh and South Tyroneclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MrPaulBellDUPFermanagh and South Tyroneclick here
MsEmmaDeSouzaIndependentFermanagh and South Tyroneclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MrAlexElliottTUVFermanagh and South Tyroneclick here
MrTomElliottUUPFermanagh and South Tyroneclick hereclick hereclick here
MsDeborahErskineDUPFermanagh and South Tyroneclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MrAdamGannonSDLPFermanagh and South Tyroneclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MrEmmettKilpatrickPBPFermanagh and South Tyrone
MsDeniseMullenAontúFermanagh and South Tyroneclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MsÁineMurphySinn FeinFermanagh and South Tyroneclick hereclick hereclick here
MsKellieTurtleGreen PartyFermanagh and South Tyroneclick hereclick here
MrDónalÓ CofaighCross Community Labour AllianceFermanagh and South Tyroneclick hereclick hereclick here
MrMarkDurkanSDLPFoyle028 7136 5516click hereyesclick hereclick here
MsSineadMcLaughlinSDLPFoyleclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MrGaryMiddletonDUPFoyle028 7134 6271click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrPádraigDelargySinn FeinFoyle028 7137 7551click here
MrEmmetDoyleAontúFoyleyesclick hereclick here
MsCiaraFergusonSinn FeinFoyle028 7137 7551click hereclick hereclick here
MsRachaelFergusonAllianceFoyleclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MsGillianHamiltonGreen PartyFoyleclick hereclick hereclick here
MrShaunHarkinPBPFoyleclick hereclick hereclick here
MsAnneMcCloskeyIndependentFoyleclick hereclick here
MrRyanMcCreadyUUPFoyleclick hereclick hereclick here
MrCollyMcLaughlinIrish Republican Socialist PartyFoyleclick here
MsElizabethNeelyTUVFoyleclick hereclick here
MrBrianTierneySDLPFoyleclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MrRobbieButlerUUPLagan Valley028 9244 9898click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrPatCatneySDLPLagan Valley028 9252 8203click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrPaulGivanDUPLagan Valley028 9266 1100click hereyesclick hereclick here
MsAmandaDohertyPBPLagan Valley
MrJefferyDonaldsonDUPLagan Valleyclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MsSorchaEastwoodAllianceLagan Valleyclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MrDavidHoneyfordAllianceLagan Valleyclick hereclick hereclick here
MrGaryHyndsIndependentLagan Valleyclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MrSimonLeeGreen PartyLagan Valleyclick hereclick hereclick here
MrGaryMcCleaveSinn FeinLagan Valleyclick hereclick hereclick here
MsLornaSmythTUVLagan Valleyclick hereclick here
MsLauraTurnerUUPLagan Valleyclick hereclick here
MrKeithBuchananDUPMid Ulster028 7930 0296click hereyesclick hereclick here
MsLindaDillonSinn FeinMid Ulster028 8774 8689click hereclick hereclick here
MrPatsyMcGloneSDLPMid Ulster028 8675 8175click hereyesclick hereclick here
MsMichelleO’NeillSinn FeinMid Ulsterclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MsEmmaSheerinSinn FeinMid Ulsterclick hereclick hereclick here
MrMetaGrahamUUPMid Ulsterclick hereclick here
MsClaireHackettAllianceMid Ulsterclick hereclick here
MsAlixandraHallidayAontúMid Ulsterclick here
MrPatrickHaugheyIndpendentMid Ulster
MsSophiaMcFeelyPBPMid Ulsterclick hereclick here
MrGlennMooreTUVMid Ulster
MrConorRaffertyResume NIMid Ulsterclick here
MrHughScullionWorkers PartyMid Ulsterclick hereclick here
MrStefanTaylorGreen PartyMid Ulsterclick hereclick hereclick here
MrCathalBoylanSinn FeinNewry & Armagh02837 511797click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrWilliamIrwinDUPNewry & Armagh028 3887 0500click hereyesclick here
MsLizKimminsSinn FeinNewry & Armagh028 3026 1693click hereclick hereclick here
MrJustinMcNultySDLPNewry & Armagh028 3752 6800click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrConorMurphySinn FeinNewry & Armagh028 3086 1948click hereyesclick hereclick here
MsJackieCoadeAllianceNewry & Armaghclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MrDanielConnollyAontúNewry & Armaghclick hereclick here
MsNicolaGrantWorkers PartyNewry & Armaghclick here
MsCiaraHenryGreen PartyNewry & Armagh
MrGavinMaloneIndependentNewry & Armaghclick hereclick hereclick here
MrKeithRatcliffeTUVNewry & Armaghyes click here
MrDavidTaylorUUPNewry & Armaghclick hereclick here
MrJimAllisterTUVNorth Antrim028 2564 0250click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrPaulFrewDUPNorth Antrim028 2565 9800click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrPhilipMcGuiganSinn FeinNorth Antrim028 2765 7198click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrMervynStoreyDUPNorth Antrim028 2766 9753click hereyesclick here
MrRobinSwannUUPNorth Antrim028 2565 9595click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrMatthewArmstrongTUVNorth Antrimclick here
MsBethanyFerrisUUPNorth Antrimclick hereclick hereclick here
MsPatriciaO’LynnAllianceNorth Antrimclick hereyesclick here
MrEugeneReidSDLPNorth Antrimclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MrLairdShingletonIndependentNorth Antrimclick hereclick here
MrPaulVeronicaGreen PartyNorth Antrim
MrAlanChambersUUPNorth Down028 9147 7555click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrStephenDunneDUPNorth Down02891 245277click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrAlexEastonIndependentNorth Down028 9188 9620click hereyesclick here
MrAndrewMuirAllianceNorth Downclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MsRachelWoodsGreen PartyNorth Downclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MrChrisCarterIndependentNorth Down
MsConnieEganAllianceNorth Downclick hereclick hereclick here
MsJenniferGilmourDUPNorth Downclick hereclick here
MrJohnGordonTUVNorth Down
MsNaomiMcBurneyUUPNorth Downclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MsThereseMcCartneySinn FeinNorth Downclick hereyesclick here
MrRayMcKimmIndependentNorth Downyesclick hereclick here
MrMatthewRobinsonConservative PartyNorth Downclick hereclick here
MsDéirdreVaughanSDLPNorth Downclick hereclick hereclick here
MrSteveAikenUUPSouth Antrim028 9334 4966click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrJohnBlairAllianceSouth Antrim028 9084 0930click hereyesclick hereclick here
MsPamCameronDUPSouth Antrim028 9034 2234click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrTrevorClarkeDUPSouth Antrim028 9446 3273click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrDeclanKearneySinn FeinSouth Antrim028 9454 8166click hereyesclick hereclick here
MsRóisínBennettAontúSouth Antrimclick here
MsMelLucasTUVSouth Antrimclick hereclick here
MsRoisinLynchSDLPSouth Antrimclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MrJerryMaguirePBPSouth Antrim
MrPaulMichaelUUPSouth Antrimclick hereclick here
MrAndrewMoranIndpendentSouth Antrim
MsLesleyVeronicaGreen PartySouth Antrimclick hereclick here
MsSinéadBradleySDLPSouth Down028 4175 4000click hereyesclick hereclick here
MsSinéadEnnisSinn FeinSouth Down028 4175 4448click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrColinMcGrathSDLPSouth Down028 4379 8350click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrPatrickBrownAllianceSouth Downclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MrPatrickClarkeIndependentSouth Downclick hereclick hereclick here
MsDianeForsytheDUPSouth Downclick hereclick hereclick here
MsNoleenLynchGreen PartySouth Downclick here
MsJillMacauleyUUPSouth Downclick hereclick hereclick here
MsCathyMasonSinn FeinSouth Downclick hereclick here
MrPaulMcCroryPBPSouth Downclick hereclick here
MsRosemaryMcGloneAontúSouth Downclick hereclick here
MrHaroldMcKeeTUVSouth Downclick hereclick hereclick here
MsKarenMcKevittSDLPSouth Downclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MsKellieArmstrongAllianceStrangford028 9181 1414click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrHarryHarveyDUPStrangfordclick hereyesclick here
MsMichelleMcIlveenDUPStrangford028 9187 1441click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrMikeNesbittUUPStrangford028 9182 1587click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrPeterWeirDUPStrangford028 9181 0858click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrStephenCooperTUVStrangfordclick hereclick hereclick here
MrConorHoustonSDLPStrangfordclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MrBenKingIndependentStrangfordclick hereclick here
MsRóiseMcGivernSinn FeinStrangford
MrNickMathisonAllianceStrangfordclick hereclick hereclick here
MrMauriceMcCartneyGreen PartyStrangfordclick here
MrPhilipSmithUUPStrangfordclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MrDougBeattieUUPUpper Bann028 3835 0004click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrJonathanBuckleyDUPUpper Bann028 3889 4477click hereyesclick hereclick here
MsDianeDoddsDUPUpper Bann028 9266 7733click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrsDoloresKellySDLPUpper Bann028 3832 2140click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrJohnO’DowdSinn FeinUpper Bann028 3834 9675click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrGlennBarrUUPUpper Bannclick hereclick hereclick here
MrGlennBeattieHeritage PartyUpper Bann
MrDarrinFosterTUVUpper Bannclick hereclick here
MrAidanGribbinAontúUpper Bannclick here
MsLaurenKendallGreen PartyUpper Bannclick hereclick here
MrLiamMackleSinn FeinUpper Bannclick hereclick hereclick here
MrEóinTennysonAllianceUpper Bannclick hereclick hereclick here
MrThomasBuchananDUPWest Tyrone028 8224 7702click hereyesclick here
MsNicolaBroganSinn FeinWest Tyrone02882 253040click hereclick hereclick here
MrDeclanMcAleerSinn FeinWest Tyrone028 8225 3040click hereyesclick hereclick here
MrDanielMcCrossanSDLPWest Tyrone028 7188 2828click hereyesclick hereclick here
MsMaolíosaMcHughSinn FeinWest Tyroneclick hereclick here
MrBarryBrownIndependentWest Tyroneclick hereclick hereclick here
MrTrevorClarkeTUVWest Tyroneclick hereclick hereclick here
MrStephenDonnellyAllianceWest Tyroneclick hereyesclick hereclick here
MsAmyFergusonSocialist PartyWest Tyroneclick hereclick here
MsCarolGallagherPBPWest Tyroneclick here
MrPaulGallagherIndependentWest Tyroneclick hereclick here
MsSusanGlassGreen PartyWest Tyroneclick hereclick hereclick here
MrJamesHopeAontúWest Tyroneclick hereclick here
MrIanMarshallUUPWest Tyroneclick hereclick hereclick here
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