Challenge to Hunting with Dogs in Northern Ireland

On 26th December, the Alliance Party representative, Mr John Blair MLA signalled his intention to introduced a Private Member’s Bill with the aim to ban hunting of wild mammals with dogs in Northern Ireland. This is a misguided attack by the Alliance Party on Northern Ireland’s rural way of life. Therefore, Countryside Alliance Ireland is calling on all its members and supporters to campaign with us and defeat his proposals.

We now need you to play your part in the next step to defeat his bill by completing our elobby HERE each of the MLA’s in your constituency will receive a letter on your behalf letting them know that you are opposed to this proposed Bill.

One has to ask why the Assembly’s time and tax payers’ money should be wasted on such a proposal at this time. We are currently facing some of the most difficult times in living memory due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges brought by Brexit. I’m sure his constituents and the wider population will be asking why is he perusing this instead of helping with the immediate challenges facing our NHS, protecting lives and helping to ensure our economy can recover.  We also have to question why such proposals are being brought forward when we already have legislation in place to address such matters.

Gary McCartney Regional Director NI said:”If we look back to the Hunting Bill that was proposed by the Green Party in 2010, while this was aimed at hunting, it had the potential to have affects on other country pursuits if it had not been defeated. While, this latest challenge is at an early stage it is highly likely it would also have far reaching affects if it is allowed to progress not only on the hunting community but on the shooting community, other country sports and more widely on farmers, wildlife managers and throughout rural communities”.

He added: “I’m incredibly humbled by the response from the entire country sports community and offers for support form far and wide. We must however keep this momentum up and send a strong unified voice to Mr Blair his Party and others to rethink their biased and illogical ideas and work with us on our vision of a vibrant and diverse countryside”.

Mr Blair is currently at the Public Consultation stage in formulating his Bill, but it is clear from the outset his consultation is bias and leading to a predetermined outcome. The Case for Reform has been constructed with information from a previous survey carried out by the League Against Cruel Sports.

We thank those who have already completed Mr Blair’s survey and encourage others to do so

Please also email a copy of the message that you have sent to your MLAs to gary@caireland so that we can monitor the level of support being provided.

We also wish to acknowledge the commitment by the Hunting Association Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Master of Foxhounds Association and the other organisations throughout Ireland who are supporting us in this campaign. A united front is vital to success and together we can win.

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