Fieldsports Training Ireland DSC1 course 5th February 2022

With no natural predators, the UK deer population is believed to be at its highest for 1,000 years and with an increasing population and range of wild deer throughout Ireland, deer management has never been more important.

Deer are estimated to cause more than £8.8 million of damage annually to forest and agricultural crops in the UK. Not only are there financial consequences with unmanaged deer populations, but habitat loss is another major impact.

It is therefore essential that the population is managed.
Anyone interested in taking up the challenge of managing the deer population should complete an appropriate course as part of the process to obtain a deer calibre rifle.
CAI have been informed that Fieldsports Training Ireland will be running a DSC1 on the 5th of February (Covid rules allowing) to help people fulfil this requirement.
The instructor Jamie Stewart has over 25 years’ experience in stalking throughout the UK.
Once candidates pass DSC Level 1 and they developed sufficient experience there is the opportunity to progress to DSC Level 2 where candidates can be assessed on their stalking and carcass handling skills.
Courses for those requiring or interested in gaining their Large Meat Handling certificate can be provided on request.
This course is independent of CAI and all enquiries and bookings should be directed to Derek on 07739539441
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