European Firearms Passes will remain valid in Northern Ireland

Under the terms of the Northern Ireland Protocol the Government has confirmed that Residents of Northern Ireland will still be able to request a European Firearms Permit and to use it to take a lawfully owned firearm to an EU country, including the Republic of Ireland, from 1 January 2021.

However, when the UK transition period ends, from 1 January 2021 residents of Great Britain will no longer be able to apply for a European Firearms Pass (EFP) or use one to travel to the EU with their firearm or shotgun.

What this means for you

Before travelling, NI residents will still need to check and follow the licensing requirements of any EU country they will be in with a firearm from 1 January, as well as  import and export controls. This includes if you are in an EU country on 1 January.

Each Country may have varying lead times for applying for licenses, so we recommend you check the requirements well ahead of travelling.

Traveling to Republic of Ireland

Question: I’m from Northern Ireland can I use my firearms in the Republic of Ireland with only a EFP?

Answer: No you must get a Republic of Ireland Non Resident permit from the Garda Superintendent of the area you wish to visit.

Question: Can I travel with my firearms from Northern Ireland through the Republic of Ireland even if I’m not shooting with only a EFP?

Answer: No if you intend to transit through the Republic of Ireland you will need to obtain a transit pass from the Department of Justice at St Stephens Green.


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