First Aid Trauma Training

Countryside Alliance Ireland has been approached by Mr Keith McCabe who is available to provide first aid trauma training to any of our groups. Keith has looked at the incidents and he has suggested that the course is run in two 3-hour modules.


The first module is a 3-hour BLS (Basic life support). This module will cover Primary survey, recovery positions, CPR and AED use. 

The second module which is also 3 hours in length would cover catastrophic bleeds, tourniquet, haemostatic agents, chest seals and pressure bandages. This module can be taught on its own or alongside an EFAW(1 day) or FAW(3 days) courses. 

At present Keith is a MIRA Medic which allows him to take and provide first aid in remote areas e.g. on expeditions etc. He is also a qualified NUCO first aid instructor with qualifications in FAAW, Oxygen Administration, Anaphylaxis management, Airway Management and Catastrophic Bleeds. 

Keith has been trained in first aid since 1986 when he joined the Eastern General Hospital as an ECG technician. 

Cost for the Catastrophic Bleeds Module only is £45 per person; However, we would recommend that both the Catastrophic Bleeds Module is taken along with the Basic life Support module then the cost would be £60 per person. 

Organisations and clubs who would wish Keith to run a course for them at their venue then the charge would be £495 for the day and he can train up to 12 persons.

If you or your organisation would wish to avail of Keith’s services, then he can be contacted on; 

Email: Keith McCabe or by Tel: +44 (0)7791686878










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