Guntrader security breach

The Guntrader security breach on the 21st July saw the theft of over 100,000 user’s data, dating between 2016 and 17 July this year.

The database contains names, mobile phone numbers, email addresses, user geolocation data, and more including passwords. It is a severe breach of privacy not only for Guntrader but for its users: members of the UK’s licensed firearms community.

Guntrader spokesman Simon Baseley said that had emailed all the users affected by the breach on 21 July.

Adding “The Information Commissioner’s Office was informed within hours of the breach being discovered and since then we have been working with them and the other relevant agencies to mitigate whatever impact if any this might have upon Guntrader’s users.”

The categories of data in the stolen database are:

  • First name and last name
  • Police force that issued an RFD’s certificate
  • Phone numbers
  • Fax numbers
  • Passwords
  • Postcode
  • Postal addresses
  • User’s IP addresses
  • Latitude and longitude data

Copies of the database being shared online are reported to be laced with malware, therefore shooters should not to download it themselves to check if their information is in it. If you’ve already done that, run a full antivirus scan of whatever devices you opened the file on.

CAI is aware that the National Crime Agency (NCA) is leading the investigation into the data breach and is working with and briefing various police forces across the UK including the PSNI.

As some people use the same passwords for multiple websites our advice is that affected members should review, change and strengthen their passwords, please continue to be diligent and report any suspicious activity online or otherwise to the PSNI.

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