IMPORTANT – Update on temporary closure of the PSNI online firearms application system.

Further to our initial announcement on the planned downtime, Countryside Alliance Ireland and our partner organisations have been advised that the downtime has now been pushed back several weeks.

The online site will now close at the later date of 28th March until 10th April 2022.  We have also been advised that the website closure will not extend beyond 2 weeks.

As per our initial announcement, PSNI FEB has advised that firearms dealers can continue to conduct business as normal:

  • Form 30/50 should be submitted via email within 72 hours of the transaction and all payments relating to these should be completed between 11th and 15th April.
  • FAC holders should submit applications from 11th April onwards for any firearm they have agreed to purchase during closure.

If members find themselves disadvantaged during the period of the shutdown, please contact us, in order that we might provide some assistance.

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