Keeping the show on the road during lockdown

We have issued advice on the very limited wildlife management and outdoor recreation that can continue under lockdown. In all situations this will be limited to you and your household. Hunting has obviously had to stop completely but it will still be possible to partake in country sports with members of your own household as part of you daily exercise.

To be positive, and we must be that, there is light at the end of the tunnel and the lockdown will hopefully be lifted after 14 days and life should be able to return to some sort of normality on 11th December. Countryside Alliance Ireland will be working tirelessly, as we did in September, to ensure that game shooting, hunting and other rural activities can immediately restart in a safe manner as soon as the lockdown is over. For very good reasons both hunting and shooting have a pattern to their seasons which are reassuring in their consistency. This year, however, flexibility will be absolutely critical and we are going to have to make the best of windows of opportunity as they present themselves. If that means setting up days shooting at short notice or hunting as much as we can, when we can, then so be it. We cannot be rid of the virus in the short-term, but we can take our pleasure when its back is turned.

In the meantime, our thoughts are with hunt staff, gamekeepers and so many others as they face the challenge of keeping the show on the road when the show has been postponed. When we are released in December it will be their work that means we can return to our sports.

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