Pet passport grace period has now been extended until July.

Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots said: “After working with my officials over the past number of weeks to seek potential flexibilities, I can confirm that they will extend the current education phase to 1 July, to allow pet owners time to familiarise themselves with the new rules.
“Routine checks will not commence until then.”
Mr Poots said he would continue to press for Common Travel Area for pets across GB and NI, and the Republic of Ireland.
“It’s clearly the most logical approach – and would lessen the real and serious concerns of pet travellers across all jurisdictions,’ he added.
There will be no routine checks carried out on those travelling with pets from GB to NI until 1 July 2021, travellers will then be expected to be fully compliant from that date.
Officials will reserve the right to undertake checks should there be a suspicion of illegal activity or welfare concerns.
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