Pigeon shooting restrictions in ROI overturned

Countryside Alliance Ireland welcomes the move from the Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht Josepha Madigan to reverse her decision to stop wood pigeon shooting for crop protection during June, July and August.

CAI and other stakeholders had written to the Minister highlighting the damage wood pigeon do physically to crops and the income loss to farmers, calling for an explanation on the department’s decision.

In response the Minister said “Scientific advice was given to me by my officials who propose removing the wood pigeon as they suggested there is limited evidence to suggest that they do, in fact, cause serious damage to crops over the summer. However, serious concerns have been raised by deputies and other stakeholders with me about the exclusion of the wood pigeon because of damage to crop yields and some of the other reasons mentioned”.
Gary McCartney CAI Director Northern Ireland said “Thankfully common sense has won the day and while the decision has been overturned, we still call on the Minister to provide the evidence for stakeholders to scrutinise and to understand the reasons why such a decision was taken especially as this is will come up again in the future” .

He added, “the food sector remains one of the key drivers of the Irish economy and substantial losses to produce from pigeons will ultimately reduce the income for farmer’s and the State who are facing unprecedented challenges at this time of national crisis that cannot be afforded”.

CAI continues to believe in a common sense, partnership approach and we look forward to continued engagement with both National Parks and Wildlife Service and the Department of Culture Heritage & the Gaeltacht.

We would like to thank all the TDs and other elected representatives, IFA, NARGC, other partner organisations, and all those who have taken an active role lobbing to get the ban overturned.

Read our letter to the Minister here

Read the Minister’s response here

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