Republic of Ireland Level 5 Restrictions

Level 5 restrictions to come into force in the Republic of Ireland from midnight Wednesday 21st October 2020 and will last for 6 weeks.

While we understand their would be nothing better than self isolating in a pigeon hide, but we are in the midst of a pandemic and we call on the fieldsports community across the Republic of Ireland to show responsibly during this time and follow all government guidance

Deer Hunting

Individuals who have licences from the National Parks and Wildlife Service for deer hunting, or other licences issued by the National Parks and Wildlife Service under the Wildlife Acts, must adhere to the public health guidelines as published by the Government in relation to the Covid-19 Level 5 phase, including the restriction on individuals travelling more than 5 kilometres for non-essential purposes from their home.  Licences issued by the National Parks and Wildlife Service do not in any way confer exemptions in respect of compliance with public health guidelines.


Club and syndicate shoots unfortunately are now suspended were applicable they can apply to NPWS for an extension to the season.

Pest control can continue within 5km of your home please be mindful of additional people walking in the countryside during this period

Pheasant Shooting

Garda issued the following press release 29/10/2020

Pheasant shooting season begins on Sunday 1st November. This normally involves shooting club members travelling to pheasant shoots around the country, frequently in groups, and is regarded as sport shooting.

Under the current regulations (SI 448), sporting events must be organised under the structure/ licence of a national governing body, funded by Sport Ireland. As such, sport shooting is prohibited in any other circumstances.

Recreational hunting does not fall under any of the exemptions allowed for exercise or sporting events. It has also been clarified that recreational hunting does not come under any permissible exemptions for travel outside of the home.

Shooting of vermin (rats/foxes/crows) is permissible as an essential support service to the farming and agriculture profession.


In line with IMFHA advise all hunting and all fun rides are also suspended. However, it is of the utmost importance that hound exercise continues with only the minimum number of personnel to manage hounds following all social distancing rules.

Please remember these restriction are currently only for a limited time and once lifted we will be able to again partake in countrysports activities.

Organised outdoor gatherings

No organised outdoor gatherings should take place.

Exercise and sporting events

Exercise can be undertaken but only within 5km of you home


Individual training only. No exercise or dance classes.

Matches and events

No matches or events to take place.

Gyms, leisure centres and swimming pools

Gyms/leisure centres/swimming pools closed.

As the virus can live on gates and other hard surfaces for sometime, No-one should partake in any form of Country Sports if they have any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19 and should immediately self isolate and follow current government advice.

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