Sad Passing of Newry Hunt Master

On Tuesday 16th June, Newry Hunt said a sad good bye as our long-standing hunt Master, Mrs Joan Close, was peacefully laid to rest.

Mrs Close had been Master of the Newry Hunt since 1995, succeeding her husband, Maxwell, as Master. The Newry hounds have been kennelled in Drumbanagher Estate since 1929 and Mrs Close was still guardian of the pack up until her death on Saturday 13th June 2020.

Until recent years, Mrs Close attended nearly every hunt welcoming all followers and supporters and receiving the customary “Morning Master” from everyone. Whilst never riding to hounds herself, she was a real hunting enthusiast who loved both the hunting and social side of being Master.

The members of Newry Hunt really were very fortunate to have had Mrs Close as our figurehead for so long. Our members and Committee send our heartfelt condolences to her son Maxwell, daughters Elizabeth and Gillian and the wider family circle.

Mrs Close will be greatly missed by all and we hope she is enjoying the company of her past hounds once again.

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