Transporting equines from GB to NI

The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) has advised owners of equines to become familiar with new regulations for transporting live animals from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.
Following the end of the EU-UK transition period on 31 December 2020, under the requirements of the Northern Ireland Protocol, and associated UK legislation, Northern Ireland remains within the EU Single Market and regulatory zone for animal health, plant health and for some aspects of public health protection.
This requires documentary, identity and physical checks to be carried out on relevant goods as they enter Northern Ireland from GB.
A DAERA Spokesperson said; “As of the 01 January there are new rules in place for transporting equines from GB to NI and we would advise owners to become accustomed to the new procedures so as to avoid any potential delays when travelling to NI.
“Equine movements between GB and NI will require;
1. an Export Health Certificate completed by an Official Veterinarian in GB
2. pre-notification and upload of supporting documentation in advance to NI Points of Entry at Larne or Belfast Ports via TRACES NT
“To assist owners and businesses in moving equines the Department has created a specific webpage containing all relevant information and outlining the process involved.”
Further information on the equine end of transition.
There will be no changes in the way horses and other equines are moved directly from NI to GB from 1 January 2021. These movements will continue as before.
One piece of additional documentation that will be required for NI resident horses entering GB is evidence of the date of leaving NI. This is applicable to registered equines entering GB for racing / competition or cultural event and returning home. Evidence of the date of leaving the EU/NI is required to avail of the Export Health Certificate that allows re-entry back into the EU/NI within 30 days after temporary export without the need for blood testing.
More information and support for business and individuals about the rules changing following EU Exit.
You can also receive free notification of any new information or guidance by signing up to the DAERA EU Exit text alert service. Subscription is easy, simply text DAERAEUExitNews to 67300.
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