NI Elections – Vote tomorrow!

It is difficult to predict what will happen following the election tomorrow and which party will take the majority. When we vote for our political representatives we are putting our trust in them to represent our views in Parliament, hopefully for the greater good.


It is extremely disheartening that the politicians have given little or no thought to the electorate who voted for them a little over 8 months ago by allowing the NI Executive to collapse. But, we must move on!

How will the despondent NI electorate vote? Will they change their party allegiance and vote for the more moderate parties, breaking the hold the extreme Nationalist and Unionist parties have held for years? Will they vote at all?


If the balance of power does undergo a seismic shift, the country sports community have reason to be fearful. The Alliance party has made no secret of their ‘anti’ stance and have clearly outlined this in their manifesto.


They would use any new found power to try to bring in legislation to curtail our legitimate sporting activities. The Green Party would also support a ban. We cannot and must not let this happen.


Many of the electorate are so fed up they have insisted they won’t be voting at all but CAI is encouraging everyone to vote; to choose political representatives that best reflect our interests and that will help safeguard the future of country sports.


You must ascertain the views of your local candidates – it’s not too late to contact them if you haven’t already done so. Northern Ireland politics is like no other and it is vital that we all play our part and continue to do our duty to safeguard the future of country sports for the generations to come.

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