The law has changed – are you registered to vote?

The political parties have now launched their election campaigns and the long road to polling day, 7th May, has begun. First and foremost we ask you to ensure you are registered to vote, if you are eligible.

NB the law has changed and you may need to re-register. Click here to register (you will need your National Insurance number). The deadline for registration is 20th April. Please also note that postal votes have been proven to yield a higher turnout, so please consider registering for one.

Secondly we ask you to email your candidates via our online e-lobby. The e-lobby will take a few moments of your time and will put the Countryside Alliance’s General Election Manifesto in front of each candidate, asking them for support of our campaigning priorities. We all have a role to play in keeping rural issues at the top of the campaigning agenda.

Thirdly, please feed back any responses you get from your candidates as this data will help us enormously when the new government is formed.

Email us at and  – we are especially interested in candidates’ views on hunting and shooting as they may differ. There is already cross-party support for our work on rural services, digital communications and food & farming.

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