Firearms Security

With Christmas fast approaching members will be looking forward meeting up with old friends, last minute shopping or eagerly looking forward to attending the annual shot over the holiday period.

We would therefore like to this opportunity remind our supporters and members of their responsibility in terms of the security of their firearms.

Security Recommendations when away from premises;

1. Ensure keys to gun cabinets are kept in secure location.

2. Do not highlight the fact that firearms are kept at your address (social media/house unoccupied for work or holidays)

3. Surrender your firearms to a firearms dealer or alternate authorised secure storage for safe keeping when away from your premises for periods in excess of one week.

4. Ensure your premises have sufficient security i.e. sensor lights, alarm, locks on doors to prevent unauthorised access.

5. Ensure you comply with the security conditions on page 1 of your Firearm Certificate at all times.

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