Gun Club / Syndicates / Conservation Annual Membership


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Membership for gun clubs, syndicates and conservation groups.

Price is per person. A minimum of seven people may join as a group and all receive the full benefits of membership, including insurance. Includes Group Public Liability cover and Employers Liability cover. Under 17’s are free in this category please contact our office and arrange for them to be included in your group.

Membership Benefits Include:
  • Insurance
  • Monthly E-Newsletter
  • Lapel badges
  • Car sticker
  • Help and support with firearms issues
  • Sponsor for RoI members requiring a Northern Ireland Visitor's Permit (not applicable for NI Members)
  • Special entry prices into selected Game and Country Fairs
  • Exclusive membership offers from selected retailers

If you would prefer to download our PDF, print and post your membership application:

ROI Membership PDF
NI Membership PDF

You can also renew your membership by following the steps above and entering your Membership Number on checkout.

You are viewing memberships for those resident in Northern Ireland,
Click here if you are resident in the Republic of Ireland
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