Old Moore’s Almanac 

An Almanac (sometimes spelled Almanack) is an annual calendar, usually giving astronomical data and other information. It is believed that the first almanac was compiled over 3,000 years ago in Egypt in the form of a papyrus document. The first known almanac predicting future events was issued in Hungary in the 15th century, and within a short time there was a proliferation of such publications throughout Europe. The oldest Almanac for Ireland was printed by one William Farmer in the year 1587; during the 1700s, almanacs were brought out in this country by various individuals, including John Watson and John Knapp. Old Moore’s Almanac has been published for nearly two and a half centuries. Its founder, Theophilus Moore, ran a classical academy at Milltown which was then a village near Dublin (since that time, it has been incorporated into the city). A teacher of Irish, English, Greek and Latin, he became known as a clever mathematician and a veritable wizard of astrology, gaining the nickname ‘The Irish Merlin’. He published his Old Moore’s Almanac for the first time in 1764, and received such support that the other Irish almanacs gradually dwindled away. Not to be confused with Old Moore’s Almanac is the English publication Moore’s Almanac, which was founded by Francis Moore, a physician. Theophilus Moore is now buried in a Drumcondra Churchyard, but the tradition of Old Moore’s Almanac continues unbroken to this day.

Countrysports and Country Life.Com
IRISH COUNTRYSPORTS and COUNTRY LIFE Ireland’s premier quarterly magazine covering hunting, shooting, gundogs and country living is published in February, May, August and November.

Cleere’s Angling Centre Cleere’s Angling Centre is a family run business in Clane, Co. Kildare, with a wealth of experience. Patrick has 38 years experience in the fishing and shooting business. They specialise in fly fishing and game shooting equipment and are now stockists for Lyalvale Express and Caledonian cartridges in Ireland.

Ballywalter Park Country Estate
Ballywalter Park has provided the perfect environment for a traditional driven shoot since the early years of the 20th Century.

Newgrange Falconry
Situated in the North East region of the Republic of Ireland (the Boyne Valley) we offer customers a stimulating, unique and memorable experience by our very experienced team in the ancient art of falconry.

Temple House
Country House B&B – Shooting – Fishing – Weddings – House Parties – Outdoor Events A member of The Hidden Ireland: accommodation in historic private houses | www.hidden-ireland.com

Mac Eoin General Merchants Ltd

Is the largest supplier in Ireland (North & South) of Poultry Incubators and ancillary equipment, and would be one of the largest suppliers into the U.K of game bird rearing equipment, especially Incubators, vermin traps and gas brooders. Most of the traps supplied are made specifically for us and to our own designs in our workshop based in Bradford in the UK.

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